Our Story

“Florals and You has been firmly established as first as one of Lagos’s leading flower service with over 28 years in the Nigerian Floral Industry and now introducing our online custom floral subscription and delivery service.

Starting with our founder  the late Bola Ogundipe- Alatise, and born out of the love for flowers, we are not in the business of selling flowers, we help to convey messages and evoke emotions as we strive to capture the essence and fleeting beauty of flowers as an art form.

Our Mission

To bring COLOUR INTO YOUR WORLD whatever the reason, theme or season.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Florals and You is deeply rooted in our belief that flowers as a form of living art have a lot of character and personality and should be left to speak for themselves by using lots of texture and playing with colour, shapes and sizes. We believe that the role that foliage plays tends to be underrated in the creation of beautiful bouquets and arrangements that are not just pretty to look at but are oozing with personality.

Our Vision

To redefine the role flowers play in the lives of the women here in Lagos.